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Videogames World Map by Edison Yan

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36 x 24 inches
Premium Matte Paper
(ships rolled)

When we compare the spaces,åÊplaces and landmarks of videogames to the regions found on Earth, we find mountain ranges, deserts, oceans and ruins ‰ÛÓåÊjust like our Swiss Alps, Sahara, Pacific and Stonehenge.

But unlike our pale, blue dot ‰ÛÓåÊthe legends of videogames, as a whole, lack a shared continuity and landscape... until now.

Presenting iam8bit's Videogames World Map, an excruciatingly nerdy illustration that chronicles nearly 100 points of interest from the breath of videogame lore.åÊThe artwork saw its origin at the 2015 D.I.C.E. Awards as a celebration of gaming culture amongst gamemakers, so we're proud to unveil it publicly for everyone to enjoy.

As not toåÊspoil all the fun, we'll avoid listing off every nook and cranny featured withinåÊthe map. But know this ‰ÛÓ the references range from 80's classics to modern day mythos, compilingåÊgenres and universes in a way only the most imaginative of brainholes could conjure.

Immaculately painted by the creative maniac,åÊEdison Yan (famous for the artistic stylings of Scribblenauts), you'll *giggle* with absolute geeky splendor as you explore all the trappings that this high-end poster has to offer.

Printed on premium matte paper, this 36"x24" print is enormouså?ÛÓ and sure to be ogled by many a friend and/or co-worker catchingåÊa glimpse of it.


AS AN ADDED BONUS, not only is the map super cool, but also, sales benefit a well-deserving charity:

10% of proceeds from each map purchased will be donated to the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Foundation Scholarships. For more information, visit the AIAS website.


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